Large Mouth Bass

Fishing Cover

by Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (c) 2001

When fishing an unfamiliar body of water, there are some simple steps to find those hidden lunkers.

Fish require shelter, and, while they can’t build underwater condos, they do take advantage of both man-made and natural “structure.”

As a means to hide and escape predators, or as a spot to ambush prey, sunken logs, weed beds, rock piles, docks or artificial reefs provide shelter for fish and, for anglers, these spots are great places to try your luck.

When fishing an unfamiliar body of water try locating these potential hotspots. Weed lines can be obvious above or just below the surface. Evidence of broken trees along a shoreline can point to sunken logs, or look for islands and work the off shore points where shallow water may meet deep drop offs.

Keep in mind that, while fish may be seeking shelter, they are also always looking for an easy meal, and, where shelter and food supplies coexist, chances are the fish will not be far away. For example, when you see a distinct weed line and baitfish jumping on the surface, a fishing adventure may soon be unfolding.

In rivers where there is moderate to heavy current, fish will generally orient themselves with their noses pointed upstream. Holding themselves in the current or fighting their way upstream is tiring, so look for larger boulders or logs where the current is reduced. Fish will often “sit” in these pockets of calm water to rest and feed on any morsels that happen to float past.


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