Give Dull Lures a "Spit and Shine"

by Justin Hoffman (c) 2001

Lurking deep in everyone's tackle box are lures that have seen better days. Each of these, however, can be brought back to life for pennies a piece, and will become the lures that outperform all others.

Firstly, any dull or broken hooks can be either sharpened or replaced. I recommend the Excalibur hook as one that won't let you down. Go with hooks one size larger on crankbaits for more positive hook sets.

If the finish on any of your lures is dull and lifeless, then the simple use of a magic marker can do wonders. Draw on red gills, and make eyes bigger, to attract and bring about the territorial instinct in the fish you're after. I've found that the application of prism tape to my crankbaits has resulted in extra flash, which is especially helpful in stained or muddy water.

Any dirty or torn skirts on spinnerbaits, or flipping jigs, can easily be replaced with the new silicone skirts that are out on the market. While you're at it, crazy glue a worm rattle onto the shaft of the hook for more sound underwater, which will give you more of an edge when you encounter adverse conditions.

As you can see, an old lure, with some tender care, can make it back to the top shelf of your tackle box and even give the new ones a run for their money!


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