Tip: Dirty Grips Come Clean

by Justin Hoffman (c) 2001

Have the cork handles on your fishing rods started to show their age through wear and tear, dirty hands or even dirtier water?  Now is the time to spruce them up and restore them back to their original condition through the simple application of sandpaper.

Lightly sand the cork with a piece of fine grit sandpaper to take off the layer of grime that has accumulated.  (I found that 220 grit works best).  This process takes no longer than 30 seconds and the results will amaze you!  Besides looking good, the “new” handles will feel better and perform better, due to the fact that your hands will grip the fresh cork more securely.

By maintaining the handles of your rods periodically, you can prolong their life and make your fishing time more productive and much more enjoyable, and impress your friends too!


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