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Biting Mad - Bugs and Fishing

by Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (c) 2001

If you had to choose one thing most annoying during the fishing season many people would agree it’s a close toss-up between the dreaded mosquito and the pesky black fly.

Between these two blood sucking insects many outings turn into a swat-fest. But there is help besides the commercial insect repellants that many people use.

According to a great number of anglers vitamin B1 may just be the answer.

By taking large amounts of vitamin B1 orally the taste and odor emitted through perspiration repels biting insects. Aside from vitamin B1 (thiamine chloride) garlic, brewer’s yeast and other plant-based chemicals have also been reported to repel biting insects when taken orally.

Wearing suitable clothing can reduce harassment by black flies and mosquitoes. Light-colored clothing is the least attractive to insects. And loose-fitting garments, fastened shirt sleeves, and pants legs tucked into socks or boots prevent black flies from crawling into the spaces between the clothing and the body. Head nets made of fine mesh material can also protect the head and neck. Don’t use cologne, perfume or other scents. Don’t eat bananas, and, for some reason, blue clothing seems to attract mosquitoes.

If you use insect repellant avoid getting it on your lures or bait. Fish are very sensitive to smells and it could affect your catch. Also be careful not to get repellent on your fishing line, as some can cause line to decompose, or melt.

 Of note is the fact there are more species of black flies than mosquitoes in Canada. There are over 100 identified species of black flies in this province, and more have even not been identified yet. Black flies are however, more selective in their choice of host than mosquitoes, and comparatively few species take human blood. Most species seem to feed on birds and others do not take blood at all.


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